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Duffy is an accomplished dory boatmen as well as a builder and fixer of these elegant gayly painted boats, the dory was introduced to the Grand Canyon in the late 60's by Martin Litton and was called Grand Canyon Dories. Duffy's father and mother worked for Martin in the 70's-80's until Martin sold to the O.A.R.S company. Regan, Duffy's father then managed the OARS operation with great success for the next 20 years.

In this folder you will see the rebuild of the Ticaboo a dory boat that is 25 years old, Duffy turned the back seat around to face forward. You will also see the boat the Paria that he and his father built that Duffy currently rows for Grand Canyon Dories.

Cindell Dale rows the Ticaboo and also works for Grand Canyon Dories

Chess Set
hand turned wood
16" X 16" hardwood
Duffy Dale boat builder
boat building
duffy boatbuilder
replica dories
16" X 6"