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Roger and Cindell are glass blowers extraordinary. A description of a Graal: We first blow a blank called a Graal (the size of a large grapefruit). After the first annealing process we then mask and draw the images or patterns on the Graal blank. We then cut the pattern or images out of the rubber resist. Next we sandblast the surface color off the Graal exposing the interior color(s). After removing the rubber resist and cleaning the Graal, we put it into a kiln and heat it back up to 1100F and pick it up on a blow pipe. Once we have the Graal heated up and smoothed out, with no recesses, we either gather more glass over the surface or blow the finished piece without gathering again. Often theses pieces will have 10 to 20 hours into them. Click on picture to see vase. The Graal pictured here I painted with silica paints and the process is the same except the craving.
You can contact them: Roger&Cindell

blown and painted