• Ote Dale's Resume

    Education: 2 years college

    Utah State 1 year 1967-68
    University Of Utah 1 year 1968-69
    Northern Arizona classes: Art and Geology 1999-2000

    Life Education: River guide and out door guide for 40 years

    200 hour Yoga certification: Shambhava Yoga Teacher Training including study in asana, pranayama, meditation, teaching methods, yogic philosophy, anatomy and Sanskrit language. 1/24/2016

    CPR refresher class March 2017

    Wilderness First Responder refresher class March 2017

    Food managers license refresher class March 2017

    good thru 2020

    Other important interests: Gardens. hikes. Travels, proactive environmentalist.

    A short history: 1972 - 2010

    I Worked on the river for Moki Mac, Grand Canyon Expeditions Grand Canyon Dories (Martin Littons company) and when Martin sold the GCDories to George Wendt both my husband Regan and I worked for OARS until 2012. 20 years in management. We are currently working for Grand Canyon Expeditions and Colorado River and Trails Expeditions

    My guiding experiences have been: 40 years + mostly in Grand Canyon 200 or more trips, and mostly rowing dory boats. Other rivers I have guided on occasional: Green River, Desolation/Gray Canyons, Lodore, Yampa, Cataract Canyon, West Water Canyon, San Juan and Verde. Also, have experienced the Ahansal River in Africa, The Rogue River in Oregon and The Tatshenshini in Canada/Alaska. Regan and I have two children, Duffy and Alissa, and they also row and guide in Grand Canyon. They are the reason we built our home in Kanab Utah.

    In 2010, I semi retired from guiding and moved home from Flagstaff to Kanab. I realized there was NO yoga class and this was not good for me as it is the one thing that is a sure thing for my physical/mental well being. My yoga journey:

    Yoga Experience

    I started a practice in Kanab at the Wellness Center. The first 2 years I had a few people interested, but I stuck to it and the practice has grown. When Best Friends Wellness Center purchased the club, they required I be certified and thankful for this...I got my certification and I now teach four days a week and my classes are pretty well attended.

    I also host yoga and art workshops on river trips. Colorado River and Trails Expeditions

    Other yoga venues such as: The Grand To Grand Ultra Race, Kanab Trail Fest

    One day a week I teach yoga at Paiute Tribes Community Center.

    Volunteers at Best Friends Wellness Welcome Center Teaching Bunny yoga, and there are real live bunnies!

    Volunteers at local schools

    *My enjoyment for life is fullfilled in the sharing of my yoga practice with others.

  • BirdSong Yoga May 2016

    BirdSong Yoga May 2016

    Lead by OTE DALE
    Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

    Where: Kanab City Park
    When: May 10th 12th & 14th 2016
    Time: 7:30 – 8:30 AM

    OTE DALE has taught YOGA in the OURDOOR VENUE for 30 years; creating a practice that works on the soft sandy beaches and the slick rocks in Grand Canyon, Lodore Canyon and Desolation/Gray on the Green River.

    For the past four years Ote has offered ‘BIRD SONG YOGA’ at the Kanab City Park during the week of The Amazing Earthfest. If attending you will start the day in harmony with the Earth, while honoring all living creatures, while enjoying the fresh air and the sounds of early morning life.

    Ote trained for many years in Flagstaff Arizona at the Yoga Experience learning asana and breathing techniques. She has a 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training certification from the Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado, this included study in asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, teaching methods, yogic philosophy, anatomy and Sanskrit.

    Yoga and meditation, together, help us center, focus and set goals with intention towards positive thinking. By practicing asana while learning to use the breath to go deeper; Yoga can reduce stress, tension and pain, at the same time allowing for a more balanced mind and body. The philosophy of YOGA leads us towards a path of truth, love and kindness for ourselves, for others, and for the earth.

    Come join Ote at the Park for a one-hour journey of Yoga that will enlighten, restore and start your Earthfest day off with Vigor, Balance and harmony. Explore the benefits, tune up the body/mind and enjoy the early morning sounds and experience the crisp fresh Kanab air.

    Please consider warm layers in case it is chilly, and if you have a mat, blanket or block please bring them along, and if not Ote will supply some yoga mats and blankets.


  • Art Work 2015 Gallery Show
    I am currently working on many different pieces with a variation of techniques using mostly water color and pastel.

    I hope to display this work in Kanab Utah throughout the summer 2015

    Location to be posted soon!

  • Grand Canyon 2013 June

    Winds our heavy in the canyon
    thrashing the bushes
    Making river waves where there
    were none
    Straining the body and mind

    The river men and women
    with endurance like the river
    row on and on
    Content to be alive

  • My Moroccan Adventure

    MAY 12, 2013 MOROCCAN ADVENTURE with Water By Nature

    I left a city where sloppy money flies through hands
    like fallen leaves in a swirling wind,
    a fairy tale town of somewhere else
    where a wonton man crafted Lake
    quietly shrinks to half pool
    soon to be cracks in mud
    Eventually thirst will consume
    This fantasy

    I flew south to another thirsty town in Texas

    Then to Paris where I frustrated around changing not just planes but airports. Finally boarding a jumbo jet headed to Marrakech Africa. There after 1-hour of custom lines and the process of changing currency. I stepped into Africa, I was (thankfully) greeted by not one but two burly, handsome, jolly good river guides. Hamish and Steve. Here is my story....which I will edit as I remember!

    We traveled in Africa, 16 folks and our fabulous guides to show us the way! We left the bustling city of Marrakech, with it's fields of olives and almonds and drove fast on steeply winding roads into the Atlas Mountains headed out to run the wild Ahansel river. Hamish shouts, "Get ready for a rubbish view!" We stop for lunch overlooking the lake where our river trip would end and had a picnic looking at a view of spring green, blood red from iron rich rock and bright blue surface from the lake. We rode high atop the van the final stretch of bumpy dirt road down into a valley where the scene is reminiscent of Yosemite and Half Dome. Here with my trained river eye, I could see we were in for an adventure. The river was milky, cold and fast. They told us the best thing to do was to stay in the boat. But, if by chance we were thrown out Lovmore our Black as night Zimbabwe kayak support guide would with along with his big smile save us.

    We paddled through rapids such as Wee Stinky, Rock the Kasbah and Cheeky Monkey, day five we paddled into a narrows barely wide enough for our boats, with limestone walls straight up vertical. Eli our paddle guide yelled to us: "Hang on and do not fall out here!" Our guides kept us out of the rapid cold waters and camped and fed us like kings and queens. We thrilled each day anew with unexpected adventure. Meeting the native peoples and even wandering among their gardens and goats. We were rained upon and warmed by the sun sometimes both at the same time. We saw Monkeys, turtles, goats, and birds. The clump mat like cactus astounded me as it was covering the hillsides like bumpy grass. Our camps each night were set up in locations that were all different and unique. One night the crew with tedious care made everyone individual pizza's, this special night filled us with party happiness.

    After our return from our river adventure we traveled again in Morocco through deserts that were many delicious shades of brown including the buildings made from river mud, straw, dung and lime all from the earth, all we viewed blended into a delicious cultural soup.

    Our first day we went up and down steeply winding roads into mountainous hills through green fields dotted with bright red poppies. We drove in and out of towns always made of mud, always a Kasbah and always a Mosque. The women were most often covered from head to foot with colorful or black burka's usually only their eyes could we see, secretive view. We stayed here and there in Africa's finest hotels and ate olives and bread and food served from Tajene's, richly spiced with Tarragon, saffron, and ginger. Always oranges for desert sometimes spiced with cinnamon. We drank a lot of nous nous (coffee). We laughed a lot! And sipped our wine.

    One day Mohammed our Friendly, funny Muslim guide stopped at a HUGe dusty market place full of tents and stalls where products from live animals to hanging meats to fruits, veggies, spices, cloth, and more could be purchased. The spice stands were colorful platters of cone shaped spices of reds, oranges and browns, purchased by weight. There were hundreds of, like bees buzzings, shoppers and as many haggling and jesting marketeers selling their wares. It was amazing to see. I realized not just here but everywhere in Morocco that the reason there are NO fat people is because everything here that gets eaten is either fresh picked, fresh killed or fresh baked.

    Another day we parked our van and ate under a tent of cloth sitting on stuffed pillow cushions, after our meal we were delivered to a room of rugs and another of jewels and cloth. These rug sellers told us a colorful story of each rug pattern and then boldly cojoled us to purchase, and many did.

    Another day we visited an old part of one town where shops were set up in the ruins of another time and the narrow walk ways of cobbles wound around we worked our way up to a tower look out. Here in this village of shoppes is where we ladies purchased our colorful scarves and trinkets.

    Our journey by Van ended at the edge of Morocco in the Sahara. We thrilled as we were literally launched up onto a camels back. We then clip-clopped, the camels feet splaying out the sand as they crossed the endless fiery orange sand dunes. We dismounted and climbed the sand and sat and watched as the orb of the sun sank into the earth, light so sensual and luminous, bringing exuberant joy to us all. We mounted once again and rode our camels into the night to our tented campsite where we wined dined and laughed. We slept that night in tents made of cloth or in the sand under the blazing star filled sky. Spectacular. Some folks got up that next morning and went out and played upon the sand one last time!

    If you haven't seen this part of the earth, GO it was an adventure I will forever treasure. Thanks to Hamish the owner of Water by Nature and to all our fabulous guides. And thanks to BB for inviting me along.