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Toroweep Overlook
Toroweep Overlook
3.5' X 4.5'

In the fall of 1978, with Duffy neatly tucked inside, we drove 60 miles of dirt road, to the Toroweep Overlook, we set up an arch of colorful dory oars, with bail buckets of flowers and with 60 friends and family as our witness Regan and I made our life commitment to each other. On March 11 2006 after a snow storm that delighted Duffy, he married Kerstin Jones. A very special view of a very special place. I have drawn and painted this spot many times.

The original work is 3' X 5'. And is the private collection of Matt Perkins. On display is a print I framed up. 17" X 14". You can order (unframed) the 11" X 15" print.