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Ocotillo 1116
Ocotillo 1116
23 X 27 framed

I painted 1116 Ocotillo on a day that I will never forget. Ocotillo's are one of my most favorite plants in the world, to watch the Ocotillos transformation throughout the year is quite something; as it greens up with every rain, or drops all it's leaves with the summer heat then shockingly reproduces another set as the fall monsoons pour from the skies. To see it flame tipped as it blooms in the spring and sometimes again in the fall. Often it looks as if it has dried up and died, a hint that it hasn't is hidden in the the green of chlorophyll within the creases of those gangly arms!

The Ocotillo shows up a few miles above Havasu canyon. In this painting the narrows are representing the Havasu Canyons harbor. Lower down in the canyon, the terraces are covered in individual plants some reaching a height of 30 or more feet....In the wind the arms wave like tall spindly grasses! I love this plant!