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Duffy and Mom (Ote)
Duffy and Mom (Ote)

Special time, Kerstin (Duffy's wife) and I decided to hike into the Grand Canyon and camp with the dory trip around the Bass area. It was a gamble whether we would meet up with Duffy's trip. We lucked out and did.

After an extra hour of trying to find the trail head at Bass (South trail) We started our hike down at 11:00, this was October, so the weather was perfect. We chatted away the hiking time and were at the river to late lunch with a private trip that said they had seen the dories.

That night we camped across the river and then, in crisp early morning light, Duffy rowed us back across and we, a bit slower due to sore legs, hiked back out. Spending time with family and friends is as important to me as painting. This picture was taken that evening.