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Lava Falls watercolor
Lava in a Storm
3' x 4'

Lava Falls has special meaning to me and I am sure to all that have ever experienced it's churning, forceful, chaotic waters! Lava Rapid is because of flash floods and blockage of the river. This may be a cause of the Lava that flowed all around 10,000's of years ago, or not. Whatever, it is the # 10 of 10's on the river. It flips more boats and causes most boatmen to do an extra BM before. This particular day a storm was brewing and on top of the anxiety of the rapid came a storm that pounded us as we entered. If was very alive that day!

I love it, it's simple, Enter hold on, close your eyes or not, hold on and pray, try to keep your oars, try to stay in the boat and most important try to stay right side up. If you come out the bottom right side up it is always considered (in my mind) to be a good run.

I painted this on request.

Private collection: Alan Oppenhelm