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watercolors in Grand Canyon
Conquistador Aisle

This one is special for a couple of reasons, I painted this in camp and then later much larger 3' x 4' in my studio. I left it for 4 years! Stored in a protected drawer, I came back to it when a friend (Ben, who rowed my boat and literally protected me in big rapids) requested a big painting. I was going through my work buried underneath other work I found this painting. I liked it, and wondered why I hadn't finished it. I worked it a bit more and this is the final work.

Conquistador Aisle is between Black Tail and Forster ( the 1st one) rapids. Named for those early explorers (1590) from the south, they were looking for Gold and only found desolation and NO water, because they never found a route into the canyon.

In the Collection of: Ben Munroe, Aspen CO