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National Canyon Grand Canyon
National Canyon Flooding
2 1/2 ' X 4'

A river friend of my son and daughter-in law came home from his river trip and contacted me to paint the flood he had witnessed in Grand Canyon at National Canyon. On a previous trip I had been on we were camped at National, my son and I were sitting talking as it gently sprinkled rain upon us when we heard a sound familiar and not so rare in August in the canyon. We looked at each other, eyes wide, jumped up and ran. We witnessed the head water wall of a three foot flash flood. At this time the drainage was channeled deep to the river so it didn't affect our camp. The smell of mud rich in the air, this raging flash flood printed it's mark into my brain.

Last season 2012 another (100 year) flood went through National and when it reached the river it had swollen to 15,000 cfs. This time with rampageous force it ripped away both camp, leaving only mud, boulders and rock! Luckily, which is unusual, no one was camped there this stormy night.

Private collection Mark Kennedy in Canada