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watercolors in Grand canyon
Upset Rapids
3' x 14"

Upset Rapids is one of those Surprise Rapids in the Grand Canyon. Meaning it is out there all by itself. Unlike the Gorge, or the Wall day. It is a peaceful day from Kanab Creek, floating mostly calm swift water, to Upset. Then Boom there you are Upset, possibly upside down, because (in most water levels) there is a big ass hole hiding in the middle lower part of the river, From the top it looks like a wave train that pile drives to the left wall. Fabulous fun rapid if you make that left run slot that is right next to that hole and just off the wall. I call it the training rapid for Lava Falls. Another even bigger rapid that is out their all alone always there. Waiting!

Private collection:
A good friend of mine, Jimmy Fulmer requested this painting for his lovely lady Sarah.